Fortaleza is the capital of Ceará state, in northern Brazil. With a population of more than 2 million, it is a modern city with a very well organized tourism infrastructure and a lot of natural beauty around it. There are more than 1,300 hotels, ranging from the very luxurious, oceanfront, comfortable five-star hotels to the more modest student hostels – about 36,000 rooms are available, many with internet access.

The state of Ceará’s coastline has 560 Km of beautiful beaches, surrounded by palms, sand dunes and freshwater lagoons.

There are 2,800 hours of sunshine per year, allowing for plenty of opportunities to enjoy the pristine beaches and sand.

The sea is usually emerald green and on the western coast the constant winds make it ideal for windsurfing, regattas and surfing. Worth mentioning is Jericoacoara, considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world by many guides. At all these beaches, the fishermen cast nets for fish and shrimp, and there is an abundant lobster harvest. But Ceará is not only beaches; the state is also renowned for its high-quality hand-made hammocks, tablecloths and lace.

A state-of-the-art airport connects Fortaleza with the rest of Brazil, a country with continental dimensions and an immense variety of vegetation, fauna, culture and tourist attractions, which include several places recognized by UNESCO as “World Heritage Sites”, such as the cities of Olinda, Ouro Preto, Brasilia and the historical center of Salvador, besides the Iguaçu National Park in the southeastern part of the country.

The world’s fifth largest nation, Brazil has a magical allure due, perhaps, to the explosive colors of a dynamic nation populated by a multi-ethnic, spontaneous, fun-loving and friendly people.